Joella West for City Council

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Thank you! Thank you for voting, for encouraging your friends to vote, and for electing four new Council members who will focus on our city’s challenging issues in a productive and community-minded way.


I can’t wait to get started.

I believe that the next four years will determine how Steamboat looks, and how it feels to live here, for the next 20 years or more.


Being on City Council means four years of hard work, and making hard choices, but I’ve never been afraid of that. What I am afraid of is letting this decision point slip by, through inaction or fear of offending some interest. I’m afraid when instead of people moving here because it’s a great place to raise a family, people move away because they can’t afford to raise a family here.

This city has changed a lot since the first time I came here in 2001. And some of you may think yeah and it was waaay better 20 years before that. A lot of what we see now is a product of decisions that may have been good when they were made many years ago, but need to be revisited in light of changed conditions. We need to think differently about growth, just as we’ve learned to think differently about public health and climate change. Growth got us where we are, but some of the consequences of that success are problematic to say the least, and City Council needs to think differently as a result. The Chamber’s initiative asks our guests to “Visit Responsibly”. I think the Council’s vision should be “Grow Responsibly”.

I want all of you to participate in in this vision. I’ll reach out to you to hear your concerns and your ideas, and I promise to listen to each of you. Our City staff has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, and I’ll work with them as well. I’ll be pushing to join with Routt County on some of the big issues that are critical to what our future looks like—Brown Ranch, Regional Transit Authority, Core Trail extension, Early Childhood Education and Care. City and County can make a bigger difference working together than if each of them goes it alone.

I hope you will all give this some thought, and vote not only for me in District II, but for those candidates in Districts I and III, and at-large, who you believe will be good partners in this critical time.